Welcome to my DIY blog for average folks.

Below you will find some easy home decor projects with detailed instructions on how to build them. Feel free to use any of the project instructions or to change them to create your own design. Just select the picture of the project you are interested in, or go directly to the instruction page by using the “projects” menu along the top right side of this page. Good Luck!

I also make other handmade custom items, like these beautiful charred wooden flags with chiseled stars.

Each flag is made from thirteen individual strips of pine wood, includes hanging wire, and is finished with a minimum of three coats of high quality spar urethane.

If you want to make your own custom charred American Flag, I’ll be posting instructions here soon.

The following are some unique bottle openers that I also make.  These bottle openers make a great gift and look awesome in a garage, the backyard, or on a patio.

The following openers are wall mounted magnetic openers. To see how they work, check out this short video – Magnetic Bottle Opener Demo.

I have also done custom designs like the following.